Christian Counseling - Anger: Is It Really An OK Emotion?

Anger is one of the most common human and spiritual emotions that exits, but there will likely be an end to it when the earth and heaven are restored (Revelation 21:4). Its Biblical origin is found in Genesis 3:15 when God cursed Satan, Adam and Eve, and the earth. He "put enmity" between Satan and the woman and between Satan and "her seed"--referring to the coming Christ.

I don't think it possible for anyone who has enjoyed a perfect environment to be cast into a painful new world, as Adam and Eve, without being angry. Angry with each other for not following God's direction, angry with themselves for what they did, and probably angry with God for an incredibly harsh punishment. After all, from their point of view, they slipped up after being deceived by the serpent, they didn't willfully initiate the bad choice. Further, they were likely angry at the pain of childbirth and farming the difficult land, sweating over the heat, and the change in the relationship with God, but the coup de grace was the death sentence--"to dust you shall return."

Perhaps Cain's angry parents (Adam and Eve) influenced the severity of his own angry problem, which culminated in murdering his brother, Able. It was very likely that Cain's hurt turned into anger for God who didn't regarding his offering, but accepted Able's offering.

God doesn't avoid our anger for Him, nor is He quick to condemn or judge us for it. Rather, He opens up a dialogue. God asked Cain, '"Why are you angry?"' This is very similar to the repeated question God asks Jonah. These men didn't turn to God to discuss their thoughts and feelings, but internalized it to their own peril. God desires to keep the flow of relationship going and will directly confront anything that gets in the way. We should have the same mind regarding all our relationships. Many people fear anger because it can be destructive, but the greater threat is that unexpressed and unresolved anger destroys the goodness that bonds people or God to each other, while seriously affecting our physical health.

There is plenty for us humans to get angry about, even with God. The question is not about if we get angry with God, but when? Throughout our lives there are many painful experiences that lead us to feeling hurt by God and then angry with Him over His timing and decisions. Logically, we know He isn't wrong, but should we then ignore and avoid the reality of our feelings? No, never! We must speak respectfully, but openly and deeply about any questions, doubts, and troubled feelings that rise up within us that distances us from God.

When was the last time you were angry with God? What did you do with the feelings? Are you still angry with God about something? If so, tell Him. Tell Him, and stay with it until you have fully expressed yourself and come to some resolution with God, and He with you. In the end, you will likely find He completely accepts you and your anger, and peace will reign between you and God once again.

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