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Christian Counseling - Writer's uh...mmm...Block or...?

A little word of caution! This blog does not contain my usual content and its style is uncharacteristic.

At mid-morning I began to write a blog for today. It is now 1 p.m. Writer's block? Yea! There are dozens of reasons for blocking. Mine? Well, today it's about the vestige of perfectionism that slyly rose out of bed with me, secretly drank an energy drink and turned into the likeness of a Tasmanian devil (Tas). Nothing was good enough to write about today, much to his glee and my groans!

Sometimes I secretly wish I was a little (more?) on the narcissistic side because everything I would write would be just great. In that vein, I might even agree that "Life is a bowl of cherries." But I know the Tas would be quick to point out the pesticides on the cherries, the stem is inedible, somewhere in the world there are sweeter ones, and one could choke and die on a pit. At these times, what I wouldn't give to have the problem written in Proverbs 21:2, "Every man's way is right in his own eyes..." How happy, at least for a little while, is one who is blind and ignorant and possesses a massive array of psychological defenses. One of the negative consequences of knowing psychology is that it is very difficult for me to put my defenses to good use without me knowing what I am really doing.

Okay, so where is this going? Well, I cautioned you. So, what is right in your eyes; what do you think? Is this writing about one take on writer's block, a simple slice of humor, about nothing in particular, or is it about a blank slate onto which you can project your own meaning? Of course, the answer lies in the uh...the...title, well, it also has some attempted humor and it's a blank slate too. Heck, if you cracked a smile, I am happy. Just consider this a mini vacation, unlike how my day is going.

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