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Christian Counseling - So Little Time, So Much To Do!

Who hasn't wished for more time in the day or a week? If we, like the Beatles, had "Eight Days A Week" and if we, like them, could spent it on a "want to" like love or something pleasurable instead of a "have to" like a chore, perhaps we would all wholeheartedly agree with the catchy clothier saying, "Life is good."

However, we know the problem is not time, but rather things like: management of time, high expectations,  perfectionism, a hurry up driver, fear of making mistakes, having too many interests, faulty beliefs, difficulty making decisions, attention deficit, expressing and maintaining personal boundaries, and not planning, setting goals, asserting and delegating. Generally, one of the main problems is not saying "No!" to a request for one's time. Saying "Yes!" prevents a person from feeling guilty and self-imposing a negative evaluation of being selfish. Saying "Yes!" often enough leads some into a life of resignation or giving in in order to please others at one's own expense. Eventually, many people get stuck in these conflicted thoughts and feelings, which take on a life of their own.

Some attempt to solve the problem by taking a cognitive or intellectual approach by signing up for a time management course. Though this can be helpful and should be looked at as one of many things needed to be addressed, by itself it will likely fail many because it doesn't sufficiently consider and remedy the emotional side of the problem. Gaining self-understanding and seeking knowledge and wisdom through prayer and the help of others is necessary to quiet the frustration of so little time, so much to do. Ironically, in spite of all the world's inventiveness, time has become more precious than ever and, I predict, the sense of not having enough of it will only get worse in the future. Therefore, the time to act is now.

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