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Christian Counseling - The Left, The New Right And Christians

Chris Matthews of MSNBC hosted a documentary on June 16th entitled, "The Rise of the New Right: A Hardball." In truth, this was both propaganda for the Left and an expose on conservatives who should be greatly feared because of their hatred, rage and militant mentality against the government of the United States.

The docupropexpose hypocritically criticized the scare tactics of the default leaders of the right (Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, etc.), while they themselves emphasized how fearful Americans should be of conservatives represented by those in the tea party, patriot groups, birthers and militias. They painted these groups as one and the same--a serious threat to our country that needs only a spark to ignite the flammable civil unrest, leading to civil war. This may be true for the fringe elements or true extremists of the Right, but it's not representative of the active, moderate mothers, grandfathers and Christian conservatives. The show frequently associated the Right with radicals, such as Senator Joseph McCarthy and terrorists, like Timothy McVeich (Oklahoma City bombing).

Generally, it's true most conservatives are very angry over the economy, Obamacare, out-of-control government spending, and the "towering national deficit." To that list I would add ignoring the majority of Americans' wishes, a big and growing government, influencing us to be afraid of government control and more specific issues, such as burgeoning socialistic entitlements. But Matthews went way beyond this to incite the Right and unify the Left by the completely unsubstantiated comment, "There is a clash of class and racial resentment that is loud, visible and unmistakable (in the Right)." The shows only reference to this was a purposefully veiled statement that any dislike or disapproval of Obama is racially motivated. Even with that they failed to cite one piece of evidence or show one clip from the multitude of available videos of tea partiers or even militias. This is pure propaganda, which remains one of the Left's tactics--to miseducate the public with tainted facts and gross, negative interpretations about the Right.

What does this mean to Christians? We are demeaned, disrespected and are quickly being viewed as enemies of the government. The Left's bitterness for us who are upsetting their well-planned agenda will likely lead to their direct and increased opposition to conservatives. This could prove to be a threat to our freedoms and open Christian way of life. Is this how persecution of Christians begins?
As a whole, moderate conservatives don't hate government. We know it's from God, and we respect it. What is despised and rejected is a controlling and intrusive government that threatens our civil liberties and God-given rights. What most of us hate is not government, but corruption in government. Proverbs 8:13 reminds us about a righteous and legitimate hatred that belongs in the quiver of every Christian--"The fear of the Lord is to hate evil; pride and arrogance and the evil way and the perverted mouth, I hate."

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