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Christian Counseling - Family Guy Insensitivity

To begin, I do not agree with most of what our society calls "political correctness". In many ways, we have become too sensitive to perceived slights and insults and have become much too easily offended as individuals and as groups. That being said, a recent episode of Fox's Family Guy has not just crossed the line but leaped over it further than Carl Lewis could have ever dreamed. In the episode, the writers not only insulted Sarah Palin, but also her son Trig, who suffers from Down Syndrome. When did it become acceptable to attack the children of public figures? Worse, when did it become acceptable to attack the developmentally disabled children of public figures?

Having worked with many families who deal with the challenges of raising children who deal with developmental disabilities, they deserve our admiration not our scorn. When we have children, we dream many dreams for them: playing sports, excelling in school, getting married, providing us with grandchildren. For those with children with disabilities, may of these dreams will not become reality. While raising their children, they also have to grieve over some of the dreams that may never come true.

In addition, when we think about parenting, we know that at some point our direct role as parents will end (hopefully around 18, but, in this day and age, more likely 25). However, for parents of those with disabilities, their job as parents never ends. They need to think about and make plans for what will happen to their child even after mom and dad have passed.

With all of these struggles, they should not have to deal with people insulting them or their children. In Sarah Palin's case, whether you agree with her politics or not, by raising a special needs child and by raising awareness of the needs of the disabled, she is doing a noble thing.

With advances in pregnancy testing, we are already aborting many children who would be born with Down Syndrome. We need to work toward protecting them both before and after they are born. I have written a letter of complaint to Fox regarding the broadcast of the Family Guy. I would encourage others who feel the same way to do likewise.

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