Christian Counseling: Addiction Treatment

"I want to know what type of counseling do you give to individuals for alcoholism? What types of programs do you offer for addiction?"

We treat a variety of addictions, such as substance and sexual, through individual and/or group therapy. We do not have a specific program, such as Twelve-Step, but our direction and purpose is clear. If a person is currently using an addictive substance, we recommend he or she enter a treatment program, such as AA and connect with a sponsor, both of which provide support, accountability and basic knowledge about oneself and addiction. In tandem with that we offer a more personally supportive, insight oriented treatment, which helps people understand and work through what individually motivates and drives them (consciously and unconsciously) toward addictive behavior. 

AA programs, for example, treat symptoms of and what triggers addictive behavior (a cognitive/behavioral treatment approach) and may encourage growth through dependence on their higher power . Our treatment goes beyond will power and elementary self-understanding, which are fragile components to recovery. We take it a step further by changing the heart and understanding the "whys" of behavior or, to say it differently, understanding and changing one's human nature and its interaction with one's spiritual self. Our primary goal is to help turn down the emotional or motivational dial to addictive acting out. That in turn provides relief from the overwhelming desire and puts some healthy self-control back into the hands of the individual, while learning to rest in a deeper relationship with God and His work on his or her behalf.   

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