Christian Counseling: Is Marriage in the U.S. in Crisis?

Though Time Magazine is liberal and a couple of their writers are far left, they do have some interesting articles and on occasion this conservative agrees with them. Rich Lowry wrote a piece, "Just not the Marrying Kind," in the March 5, 2012 issue, in which he concludes that marriage in America is in crisis, and I second that.

To support his belief he states that one-half of all births to women 30 years of age and under are born out of wedlock. I could not confirm the accuracy of that claim or that the rate of illegitimate births are, amazing if true, 73% for Blacks, 53% for Latinos and 29% for Whites.  This is not only a values/morals issue, but a health issue. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) state that children born to nonmarried couples are at higher risk for complications, such as: low birth weight, preterm birth and infant mortality.

The CDC also reports during 2000 and 2010 the U.S. population increased almost 10%, while during the same period there has been a steady decrease in the number of marriages--17%. The CDC holds that by age 30 one-half of all women have cohabited. Psychological studies have shown these couples are not as happy as married couples.

With the decrease in the number of marriages in the U.S. and the societal acceptability and increase in sexual activity, due in part to Internet pornography, it is understandable why there is an increase in illegitimate births. However, I believe one of the chief reasons for the decrease in marriage is due to the breakdown of the family structure--affairs, separations and divorces. This ultimately leads to doubts and insecurities in young people about the safety of marriage and questions about the necessity of marriage. They don't want to endure another family breakup, nor do they want their children to have to go through it. This thinking, I believe, leads younger people to postpone commitments to things like marriage and career. 

What reasons do you think account for the decrease in U.S. marriages?   

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