Christian Counseling: Post-Presidential Election: Are you Wrestling With God?

Answer truthfully, "As a conservative Christian, is there a part of you that is confused, disappointed or frustrated with God's choice (assuming you believe it is His will) of having Barack Obama remain in office for another four years? Do you wonder what God is doing? Do you wish God acted differently or is there a quiet part of you that disagrees with God's decision?

If you wanted and/or voted for Mitt Romney for President, the answers to the above questions are highly likely to be "Yes." I wonder if you might be like many other Christians regarding how they manage those conflictual feelings and thoughts about God. The majority of Christians quickly, sometimes immediately, dismiss or rationalize their questions, doubts and frustrations, saying something like, "God knows what is best!" or "That is His will and I must accept it!" But saying so doesn't really settle the issue. 

It may sound mature or spiritual to quickly yield to the will of God who knows best, but it is most often not true. Instead, what is necessary in order to move at the speed of light to that kind of belief requires a dismissal (i.e., denial or rationalization) of human feelings and thoughts. 

To some it may not seem like a big deal, but any interaction with God becomes a part of the relational history, thereby, affecting the quality of relationship on some level, even if it is minor. It is a single fox that has the capacity to ruin the vineyard of a good relationship, as the Song of Solomon aptly puts it. Enough of these unattended conflicts lead to a subtle, but sure distance in the felt closeness with God over time.


Instead, protect your relationship with God and keep it from being contaminated by unresolved issues. Instead, consider wrestling with God though honest relating. Questioning God with the motive of attempting to understand Him is not offensive to Him, but welcoming. 

Speak the truth, which He desires and depends on. And don't worry, you are in good company with other, well-known spiritual wrestlers--Jonah, Moses, Jeremiah, Jacob, David and Habakkuk, to name a few. They were never chastised for their honesty, but honored by a listening and favorably responsive God.

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