Christian Counseling: The Most Important Spiritual Law is the One Most Often Violated

With the repeated Scriptural references and long-standing value to Christians and non-Christians alike, it is hard to imagine the universal and overwhelming frequency of people's failings to...






Love's importance cannot be overestimated. Scripturally, all the law is summed up in love; it is the first and second greatest commandment; God "is" love; and love creates unity and community in the Christian world, which in turn serves as the greatest witness for Christ that will ever exist, besides Jesus Himself. How Christians treat one another does not go unnoticed by those looking for a better life. In the end, they evaluate individuals and the church-at-large as to whether we have something more substantial and genuine to offer. Do you think we Christians are doing a good job? 

"All we need is love" is profound, if that love is conceived in truth and righteousness. It must also be understood, taken in and given away. You cannot give away what you don't understand or possess. Just because God and His love is in a person doesn't guarantee that others will see and experience that love--the individual personality and maturity are other factors to seriously consider. What do you think the world sees in us? What do you see in the general Christian community? Does love radically stand out?

The Christian church is great transition around the world. There is a growing return to a more simple form of church in small groups, as it was in New Testament times. According to Barna Research, about one million born-again Christians leave the traditional American church every year. Here are two significant issues concerning this event. First, people have become disappointed, frustrated and wounded by and distrusting of church. Many wonder about its relevancy in it's present institutional state. Guess what I believe is the single, most crucial reason why this is so?  Yea, the most important spiritual law is love and it is the one most often misunderstood and violated by the church that leads many into pain. Second, I believe God will redeem His church in part by using this exodus to prepare Christians for another round of persecution, which may very well signify that the end of time is at hand. It is Christian small groups that will emerge and survive during the time of Jacob's trouble or the coming predicted tribulation, some of which Christians will experience. Perhaps there is nothing that can create unity, bonding, love and the need for one another quiet like persecution, which causes people to seriously connect and depend on one another. But God's redemption here should not be taken as an excuse to avoid the dire responsibility to learn to love well and, thereby, rebuild His church. 

Agape love is said to be the highest form of love in the universe. It is not about feelings, but about a decision and a commitment to care for the welfare of another, whether or not you are loved in return. This is the love we are to have even for our enemies. This love doesn't require loving feelings to act lovingly. Despite not feeling love for another, one can always act lovingly because it an act of the will and a choice. If you want to know true freedom, the peace and presence of God flowing in and through you and the frequent consequential loving feelings that evolve from agape love then seek to know its depth, find others who can express this love, or learn to, soak it in and then give it away. Dare to love radically like Jesus.

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