Christian Counseling: The Presidential Election: A Sign Of The Times?

I wrote the following response to a post to my blog post, “Christian Counseling: Post-Presidential Election: Are you Wrestling With God?” which I also uploaded to

"I also take the presidential election results as a sign of the times--Biblical end times and perhaps America's end times, which is not recognized to exist or be of significant power in eschatology. Regarding America, the election confirmed for me change in the direction of entitlement values--"Take care of me Uncle Sam." That expectation fosters unhealthy dependency and gives government more power to the people's detriment--loss of capitalism, higher taxes and the erosion of cherished rights and freedoms. It is unfortunate that our current administration supports such ideologies.

November 6th was a sad day for me, as the America I grew up in seemed to be gasping for air or, said differently, a wind-tattered flag ready to be discarded by the socialists on the left who desire a new world order. A world order is something Satan and his troops have tried to create since the Tower of Babel. The sinking feeling I have, witness of the Spirit?, includes the scenario you wrote Charlie and a mass exodus of Christians and/or so-called Christians from the faith due to a persecution not known since brutal Roman times (2 Thessalonians 2:1-3; Revelations 6:9).

If we Christians truly believe the end times are soon coming or even upon us, it should be evidenced by wise preparation, such as, being spiritually right with Him (oil in our lamps) and economically-minded enough to execute a survival plan now for us and loved ones before the collapse of our society or merger into a one world power who will own religion and the world's food bank, furthering the hardship Christians will endure.

Those interested in an end time viewpoint and how we get there can read about it in my article "The U.S. in Escatology." Go to, click on the heading "Free" and find the title. It isn't pretty and it is scary."

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