Making Appointments

Counseling is offered by appointment only. Sessions are available throughout most days and evenings, Monday through Friday. Give us a call to found out about our availability.

Counseling Fees

The fees we charge for our clinical and educational services are our sole means of support, and we believe, "the worker is worth his keep (Mt. 10:10)." We set our standard counseling fees at or below the local average, according to a therapist's level of education and experience. Our lower fees provide an opportunity for more people to receive help. Please call us, and we will let you know about our charges.

We do not offer different fee structures for clients who have insurance coverage and for those who do not, as this is an unethical and illegal practice. Many writers of counseling administration and practices strongly advise centers to charge a single standard fee for all clients, which is our policy. Within acceptable guidelines, we usually offer a reduced rate to full-time pastors and missionaries.

 CCCRD clients pay the full fee at the time of service and are reimbursed by their carrier. Most insurance companies reimburse for services rendered by CCCRD provided they have an "out-of-network" benefit, as we are not providers of any insurance plan. We suggest calling your company to find out about your plan benefits.  Some clients who do not have insurance coverage receive financial assistance from family members or their churches when necessary.

At this time, we do not accept clients with Medicare or Medicaid coverage.

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