Choosing An Organization


For some the selection of a counseling organization for referral purposes is simple. They locate a nearby counselor's website, address and/or phone number and give that information to someone needing help. Others first contact our Center to ask a few questions or simply to inform us about a referral they want to make or have made, along with a few particulars about the person being referred. Still others more vigorously investigate their referral sources. They may learn something about the field of counseling, pray for direction, find out who is available within a reasonable distance and if they have a specialty, talk with other colleagues, interview potential referral sources and then decide. The decision. Decisions can be based on word of mouth, promotional materials, website information and experience with an organization after having made one or more referrals. The following will further help you in the decision-making process: 

1. It is important to determine whether or not a counselor uses Scripture and prayer in counseling, or if their approach is just psychological. At CCCRD, we are integrationists. We believe that understanding and working with both the spiritual and human dynamics and their interactions are most helpful in being change agents for our clients. Information from the disciplines of theology, psychology, and medical science, that is consistent with Scripture, guides us in diagnosing and establishing treatment plans for our God-given clients.

2. What training has a counselor undergone and what expertise does he or she offer? You expect the one you refer to be as qualified or more qualified than yourself. It is appropriate to inquire about a counselor's experience and training and whether or not he or she is qualified to handle the specific problem(s) for which you are referring. The minimum professional credentials of a qualified counselor are expertise or a degree in the Bible; a master's degree in psychology, or a related field; continuing education credits through seminars; supervision of their caseload (if he or she has limited years of experience or counseling in areas beyond his or her training); considerable self-understanding; and to be licensed or license eligible. For example, the State of New Jersey grants licenses to family and marriage therapists, psychologists, social workers, and professional and associate counselors.

All CCCRD employees sign a statement of faith that, in part, says that he or she has made Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior and seeks to become like Him in attitude, beliefs, and behaviors in both his or her personal and professional life. Our counselors work with children through the elderly regarding problems which include: premarital, marital, family, separation, divorce, grief, depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity, various types of abuse, domestic violence, eating, addiction, obsessive-compulsive, gender, sexual dysfunction, fears, physical pain, stress management and personality.

3. What would my working relationship be like with The Center for Christian Counseling & Relationship Development (CCCRD)? From the start, you will have direct contact with the counseling staff. You will find us to be personal, available, informative and cooperative. We realize that our referral sources want and expect different things from us. Whether you desire to refer without further contact from us or to have regular contact to discuss the details of counseling progress, we will accommodate your desires and requests. Of course, this depends on a client's willingness to waive confidentiality.

We are available to meet with you and your staff by telephone or in person to acquaint you with who we are, what we do and to answer any questions you may have. 

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